image of red snow plow on snowy road


Snow RemovalThe first snowflake has not fallen yet, but if you wait until the clouds show up on the radar to prepare, it will likely be too late. We are quickly approaching the season to purchase snow removal equipment and now is the time to make your plans on what essentials you will need to be prepared this winter.



The real question isn’t which brand of plow to choose, it is which kind is right for you:

Whether you are clearing residential driveways or working on large commercial lots you need to consider cost, ease of use, versatility and material before purchase. It may seem like the biggest choice is if you go with a straight blade or a v-plow, but you don’t want to forget to consider materials and how it works with your vehicle. Our seasonal shopping guide will narrow down all you need to know in 5 simple categories. Click here to read more.


If you are removing snow at higher speeds or are working in areas that need more efficient snow stacking you should consider adding snow plow deflectors and wings.


Improving traction is just as important to safety during winter traveling as snow removal. For the larger jobs, you will want more capacity from a hopper spreader to allow spreading larger bulk material and reducing the number of refills. For finer materials and smaller areas you can choose from various sizes of tailgate spreaders.

There are pros and cons to every system, but it is essential for you to consider your spreaders feed system. Augers are more prone to freezing and settling, but they do not require oiling and are more efficient with space. Chain systems will provide more consistent spreading with wet applications, but will require more maintenance. Using wetting applications can help accelerate melting and provide greater control, reducing application rates by as much as 20-30% (Western).

If you have considered all the essentials and are ready to purchase your snow removal equipment, call Future Line. We have top products from Boss, Western, and SnowDogg to meet all your needs for this winter.