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Western Tornado Spreader1756WesternTornado.jpg

When it comes to Contractor Grade ice control performance, the new generation TORNADO™ Spreader blows away the competition. It combines rugged, rust-proof, one-piece poly construction with the innovative design features you need to get the job done right the first time.

The TORNADO™ Spreader is available in 7 and 8 foot lengths, with 1.5, 1.18, and 2.5 cubic yard capacities, so you can choose the perfect fit for your needs.


  • Center High-Mounted stop light is standard to meet FMVSS requirements.
  • Over lapping poly hopper cover protects de-icing material by sealing out moisture.
  • Molded water grooves and the domed shape direct water away from the hopper.
  • Molded handles/tie-downs.
  • Variable speed control utilizes multiplexing technology to provide self diagnosis.
  • Steel Pintle chain conveyor with corrosion-resistant steel housing provides extra strength.
  • Adjustable feed gate regulates material flow to your exact requirements for full control over snow and ice removal.
  • Dual electric motors power the conveyor and spinner, giving you independent control of material delivery and spinner speed for optimal snow and ice removal.
  • The spinner chute assembly features a rust-proof 15 ½ poly spinner. The entire assembly is height adjustable and is easily removed for off-season storage.

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Western Ice Breaker Spreader1756Westernicebreaker_1.jpg

The WESTERN® ICE BREAKER™ hopper spreader is perfect for ice control on driveways, roads and parking lots. Available in 7', 8' and 10' body lengths in powder coated steel or stainless steel, this rugged v-box type salt spreader mounts easily on pick-up, dump or platform trucks.

The conveyor on the ICE BREAKER™ spreader is 16" wide pintle chain. This wider conveyor reduces "bridging" and moves more material for faster unloading.

The v-belt drive for the conveyor system is smoother, quieter and more forgiving than a roller chain if a rock jams the conveyor. The use of a v-belt also eliminates potential corrosion problems.

All models offer your choice of 10 HP I/C Tecumseh or 11 HP I/C Honda® engine. The 8' and 10' models are also available with a hydraulic motor. Gas engine spreaders feature cab mounted electronic throttle control (below right) with choke indicator light and electric clutch.


  • Stop Light - Center high mounted stop light (CHMSL) is standard and meets FMVSS requirement
  • Poly Deflector - Replaceable poly deflectors will not rust and are more forgiving when encountering obstacles when backing up
  • Poly Spinner - The ploy spinner will not rust, promoting longer life
  • Chain Drive - A positive chain and sprocket drive powers the conveyor and features a superior rust-resistant coating for extended chain life.
  • Cab-Mounted Throttle Control - Features a choke indicator light and electric clutch for gas engine spreaders.

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Western Pro Flo 2 Spreader

Capable of spreading all types of material, including wet sand, the PRO-FLOª 2 sets a new standard for snow and ice removal equipment and tailgate-type spreaders.1756WesternProFLo2.jpg


  • Two-stage design features a 16" belt conveyer to assure positive feed with all materials
  • Poly hopper has 10 cu. ft. capacity
  • 1/3 HP, 12V DC motor with belt reduction drive
  • Large, 15 1/2" spinner to increase spread pattern.
  • Spreader height, feed gate and deflectors are all adjustable
  • Center high-mounted stoplight
  • Choice of in-cab “on /off” switch or variable speed control
  • Choice of two mounting systems: in-bed truss mount or under-bed frame mount which includes a Class IV receiver hitch

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Western Low Profile Spreader

How low can you go?
All of these tailgate spreaders feature a low profile design which provides an unobstructed rear view from the cab. They’re ideal for spreading dry rock salt, calcium chloride and other de-icing materials.1756Westernlowprofile_1.jpg

Model 500 Features:

  • Designed for compact pickups or SUVs with Class III trailer hitch
  • 140 L capacity poly hopper
  • 1/3-HP, 12V DC sealed motor and direct drive auger
  • Poly spinner and ratchet straps are standard
  • Optional top screen and adjustable deflector

Model 1000 Features:

  • Poly hopper has 225 L capacity
  • 1/3-HP, 12V DC motor mounted inside a sealed housing in the hopper for corrosion protection
  • Powder coated steel auger and agitator
  • Choose “On-Bumper” mounting system, dual “Swing-Away” design (which allows the empty spreader to swing out of the way for easy access to the truck’s tailgate and bed) or Class IV receiver hitch mount

Model 2500 Features:

  • 275 L capacity high-density polyethylene hopper
  • 1/3-HP, 12V hi-torque motor located in a sealed housing in the hopper
  • Adjustable feed gate with positive material flow shut-off
  • Adjustable material deflectors
  • 38 cm polyurethane spinner
  • Receiver hitch mount and nylon ratchet straps
  • Molded polyethylene cover

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