1. Does your equipment come with a warranty?: Yes, most products we sell come with a manufacturers warranty from 6 months to 10 years, depending on the product.
  2. Do you offer financing?: Yes, we offer financing through Sheffield on Boss & Western plows and spreaders.
  3. Do you offer credit?: Yes. For approved customers. If you'd like to fill out an application ahead of time give us a call.
  4. Do you offer terms?: Yes, it is Net 30 with approved credit.
  5. Do you offer after hours services?: Yes, during snowstorms we offer an emergency service.
  6. Do you make service calls?: No, we do not have service vehicles.
  7. Do you service products that you don't sell?: Yes, we service all name brand truck equipment.
  8. Is the arrow on the sign a direction?: No, it is part of the logo.

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