Which Type of Salt Spreader is Right for You?

Western_Salt_Spreader.pngSnow is officially falling in much of the Midwest. Are you prepared? Whether you’re shopping for a salt spreader for the driveway at your house or you need a salt spreader that will get the job done for the entire city, Future Line Truck Equipment has the solution for you.

Purpose of a Salt Spreader

If you’re getting tired of spreading salt by hand or you need something that covers more area quickly, it may be time to invest in a salt spreader. When a winter storm sweeps through and our driveways, streets, sidewalks and parking lots become slippery, salt is necessary for melting the ice. By lowering the freezing point of the ice with salt, we can melt it and prevent dangerous driving conditions as well as injuries from slips and falls.

Brands We Offer

At Future Line Truck Equipment we have a large inventory of new salt spreaders from top brands. Our salt spreaders come in a variety of sizes for a variety of applications. From small, walk-behind spreaders to large, hopper spreaders, we have everything you need to get the job done.

Our inventory of new salt spreaders includes:

  • Boss Spreaders
    • Boss TGS 600 Spreader
    • Boss TGS 800 Spreader
    • Boss TGS 1100 Spreader
    • Boss VBX Poly Hopper Spreader
  • Western Spreaders
    • Western Tornado Spreader
    • Western Ice Breaker Spreader
    • Western Pro Flo 2 Spreader
    • Western Low Profile Spreader
  • SaltDogg Spreaders
    • Model SHPE0750 & SHPE075X Spreaders
    • TGS03 Spreader
    • TGS07 Spreader
    • SHPE2250 Spreader
    • SHPE1500 & SHPE1500X Spreaders
    • 1400601SS & 1400701SS Spreaders
    • 1400050SS Spreader
    • 92420SSA Spreader
    • 92440SSA Spreader
  • SnowEx Spreaders
    • SnowEx V-Maxx Spreader
    • SP-7550 Spreader
    • SP-8500/SP-8550 High Output Spreader
    • SP-9300 Spreader
    • SP-9500 Spreader

4 Types of Salt Spreaders

1. Walk-Behind Salt Spreader

If you require a salt spreader for a small to average-sized driveway or sidewalk, a walk-behind salt spreader is perfect for you. The walk-behind spreader does not require a vehicle and is a fairly inexpensive option. However, if you plan to spread salt at a business or larger area, the walk-behind likely won’t cut it.

2. Tailgate Salt Spreader

Ideal for large driveways and parking lots, the tailgate salt spreader is a popular option for many businesses. This spreader is usually used as a follow-up to plowing and can be easily mounted on 1/2 ton to 1 ton pickup trucks. Many of the tailgate salt spreaders at Future Line come with various mounting systems and a low profile design to provide an unobstructed rear view from the cab.

3. Under Tailgate Salt Spreader

Under tailgate salt spreaders are ideal for heavy-duty municipal and commercial applications. This type of spreader is perfect for a contractor as it allows for normal use of the dump body without interference.

4. V-Box Salt Spreader

For municipal use and other major projects, the V-Box salt spreader is the way to go. This spreader mounts easily on utility vehicles, pickups, dump, platform and utility trucks. Holding upwards of 2.5 cubic yards of salt, the Boss, Western and SaltDogg salt spreaders at Future Line are built for tackling ice-covered city streets.

Are you in the market for a new salt spreader? Contact Future Line today and find out which type of salt spreader is right for you.

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