Top 5 Features of High-Quality Grain Bodies

grain_body_TU.jpgAre you in the market for a high-quality grain body to take on the job? We have outlined the top 5 features to look for in a high-quality grain body, as well as their benefits. Customize your grain body to fit your personal and professional needs, or purchase standard, either way we have got you covered.

5 Features of High-Quality Grain Bodies

1. Aluminum

Aluminum grain bodies offer a variety of benefits that steel grain bodies do not. First and foremost, aluminum is 45% lighter than steel. Light-weight aluminum means increased payloads while your grain body is loaded, and fuel savings when it is empty. In fact, fuel savings of 12% are not uncommon for aluminum grain bodies. Additionally, aluminum is corrosion resistant which leads to a longer life and greater reliability.

2. Mirror Finish

Aluminum grain bodies with mirror finish have that high-end look that is hard to compete with. With a mirror finish, you won’t have to worry about upkeep in regards to painting. Weather, rough roads, and time will not affect your grain body the way they would affect a steel grain body. For a one-time enhancement that requires no maintenance, the mirror finish is your best choice.

3. Smooth Interior

High quality grain bodies feature horizontal corrugation that looks great and feels great! Horizontal corrugation allows for a smoother interior for easy unloading of all types of material. This snag-free, smooth interior ensures that your haul is protected while loading and unloading. If you’re in the market for a new grain body, check for horizontal corrugation and ensure versatility for all of your farming applications.

4. 3 Piece Cargo Doors

If you want flexibility and ease of use, 3 piece cargo doors are the way to go. With a center chute and door seals, our 3 piece cargo doors allow for easy access as well as security during travel. Ensure that your haul is protected and make things smoother on the job site by choosing a high-quality grain body with 3 piece cargo doors.

5. Grain Chute

What’s a grain body without a functioning grain chute? And the only thing better than a grain chute for your truck body is multiple grain chutes. Speed up the time you spend on the job with one or more grain chutes. Our grain bodies come standard with a center grain chute but the option for additional grain chutes is always available.

Keep these 5 key features of a high-quality grain body in mind when you begin searching for your new truck equipment. And contact Future Line for information about our line of grain bodies as well as our many other types of truck bodies, both custom and brand name.

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