Top 3 Features to Look for in Your Landscaper Body

Landscaper-Diagram-small.jpgAre you in the market for a new landscape truck body? Pump the breaks; Future Line Truck Equipment is here to help. Knowing what to look for in a quality landscaper body can be tough. Whether you’re hauling loose material, like mulch, or dumping pea gravel, there are several must-have features we highly recommend. For a streamlined work day and greater efficiency, consider these three features for your next landscaper body.

3 Landscaper Body Features

1. Side Door for Side Access

Having a two-piece barn door on your tailgate is great, but is a feature that typically comes standard. An added feature that some people overlook is the side door for side access. The Landscaper Body by Future Line Manufacturing actually comes standard with a 48” side door and compression latch on the passenger side. As an added bonus, customers can also get an optional side door for the driver side on the 12’ model. For easy access to your haul no matter your jobsite, the side door is a necessity!

2. Double-Walled, Double-Acting Tailgate

For extreme durability, reliability and flexibility, the double-walled, double-acting tailgate is the answer. The aluminum Landscaper Body by Future Line comes standard with a double-walled, double-acting tailgate featuring a 3/16” interior and 1/8” exterior. This tailgate ensures that your haul is safe and secure yet easily accessible. Don’t trust your precious cargo with just any landscaper body and tailgate; trust the Future Line Landscaper Body with double-walled, double-acting tailgate.

3. Extruded Aluminum Flooring

The flooring of your landscaper body matters more than you might think. If you’re hauling heavy cargo, you do not want a slippery, smooth or unreliable floor that can’t handle large equipment. And if the material of your haul is rough or abrasive, you won’t want a painted floor that will easily scratch and chip. For all types of material, Future Line offers 1 3/4” extruded aluminum flooring. The aluminum surface is designed to last, requiring no paint or upkeep. The extruded flooring works to keep your cargo safe as you travel to the job site. Your best choice for flooring on your next landscaper body is Future Line’s extruded aluminum flooring.

Are you ready to go shopping? There are so many options to choose from when selecting a Landscaper Body. Remember that Future Line offers customization to provide you with a truck body that meets all of your needs. To get a jump start on your custom Landscaper Body, contact Future Line today.

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