Seasonal Shopping: 5 Things to Know Before Buying a Snow Plow

Snow_Plow_300.jpgIt is that time of year again! The first snow fall is just around the corner and there are snow plows for sale everywhere we look. If you’re looking into buying a new snow plow, we want to make sure you get a plow that you can rely on. That is why we have compiled a list of 5 things you need to know before buying a snow plow.

1. The Difference between a Straight Blade and V-Plow

When purchasing a new snow plow for the winter season, it is important to know what you are going to be using it for. This can help dictate which type of plow you purchase: straight blade or V-plow. For those looking to clear off their own driveway after a particularly heavy snowfall, the straight blade should serve you just fine. The straight blade is less expensive than the V-plow so although it may be less agile, it can get your job done in a cost-effective fashion.

On the contrary, if you have a commercial snow removal business, your job may require something more versatile, like the V-plow. A V-plow can angle and direct snow, as well as “scoop” snow for stacking. It also handles snow that was frozen overnight much better than the straight blade. Boss notes that “while in the 'V' position, the plow’s sharp arrowhead configuration cuts through hard snow better than the flat edge of a straight blade, making operation easier on the plow, truck and operator.” Overall, if you’re purchasing for business, the V-plow is worth the money.

2. Why Blade Material is Important

When it comes to blade material, you have a few different options: poly, mild steel, and stainless steel. While all three are satisfactory for commercial work, they each do pose their own advantages and disadvantages.

Poly is the most slick of the three meaning that snow slides off quite easily. It is also extremely resistant to scratches, dents, and corrosion, making it a quite durable option. While there has been a myth that poly is lighter than steel, it is actually heavier.

Stainless steel is also corrosion resistant, and while not quite as slick as poly, it is slicker than mild steel. Many find that stainless steel is the most visually appealing, yet it is more prone to dents and scratches.

Mild steel is the industry standard. It is durable, rigid, and valuable but not quite corrosion resistant. While most are treated with zinc powder to prevent rust, over time rust will occur.

3. How the Type of Vehicle You Own Matters

If you use your pickup truck and snow plow just to clear your driveway, you are probably getting by with a ½ ton pickup truck and any standard snow plow that would fit with that. However, if you are doing commercial work, you probably have a ¾ ton pickup truck. This larger size has Front Gross Axle Weight Rating to handle larger plows as well as a larger payload capacity if you need a salt spreader as well. The size of truck you have will determine which size of snow plow you can handle.

4. Picking New vs. Used

There are pros and cons to picking new vs. used. For starters, it is exciting to get something new that is in pristine condition. However, this will be more costly. Depending on your business and where you are at (established vs. just starting out), buying new may not be in your budget. It is perfectly fine to buy used as long as you are ensuring that you are getting a good piece of equipment. At Future Line we will ensure that the used equipment you purchase is up to your standards and that you are getting your money’s worth.

5. Why You Must Consider Ease of Use

If you have never considered ease of use when it comes to your snow plow, you’re not alone. Many shoppers aren’t considering how easy it will be for them to quickly attach their plow, even in the worst conditions. From snow and sleet to the dark and cold, you have to consider the conditions in which you may need to attach your plow or switch between multiple trucks. This is why you will want to evaluate the attachment system for your plow, which varies by manufacturer. Street Directory recommends trying “the attachment system for yourself at the dealer so you can see firsthand how easy or difficult it is to use”.

If you are officially ready to get your new snow plow, give Future Line a call. We offer new and used snow plows from a variety of big brand names including Boss, Western, and SnowDogg.

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