How to Know if Your Dump Body Needs Serviced

Dump_Body_small.jpgMaking the executive decision to take your dump truck body in to be serviced can be a tough one. We like to think that we can fix things ourselves or that a problem can wait just a little bit longer. However, noticing an issue with your dump body and putting it off or incorrectly attending to it can lead to serious equipment damage or personal injury. Below are 3 common things dump body owners notice, what they mean, and why they signal that it is time to service.

3 Things to Look Out For

Holes in the Dump Bed

Notice small holes and cracks in your dump bed? This issue can seriously hamper efficiency and negatively affect structural integrity, risking your cargo or truck components in the process. Holes in your dump bed can occur after regular wear and tear, contact with abrasive cargo, or rust. It is not only important that you take your dump bed in to get serviced but that you take action to prevent future issues. At Future Line we are able to repair holes in dump beds with proper patching and/or lining. In the future, you may find that aluminum dump beds are a safer bet as they are less likely to rust.


Going along with holes in the dump bed, you will also want to be on the lookout for rust. While you may not yet have any holes to signify that rusting occurred, that does not mean it didn’t! Check for small signs of rust in the bed and throughout the dump body. Rusting is just the beginning and can lead to even greater repair costs if you let it get out of hand. All-aluminum dump bodies are a safe bet because they are corrosion resistant, meaning they do not rust. Your truck will be exposed to many different elements but you won’t have to fear water and dirt with an aluminum dump body.

Repeatedly Blowing Hoses and Cylinder Packing

If there is a possibility that something is wrong with the hydraulic system for your truck, it will most certainly require immediate servicing. For example, if you noticed that you are repeatedly blowing hoses and cylinder packing, overpressurization may be to blame. According to Waste360, your truck probably has “a misadjusted or undersized pressure relief valve” which will not protect a hydraulic system. Future Line’s certified technicians troubleshoot hydraulic systems to ensure that your dump body operates properly.

If you are noticing any of the above issues with your dump body, don’t hesitate to contact Future Line Truck Equipment. With winter being a slow time for your business, the first of the year would be a great time to come in and get your dump body serviced. Our 5 service bays provide outstanding service, troubleshooting hydraulic systems and rejuvenating dump bodies.

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