Common Applications for Gooseneck Bodies


Designed for strength and versatility, gooseneck or rancher style truck bodies have hundreds of applications. The general features include a bulkhead with cutouts to increase visibility from the truck cab and a flat bed. From there, the possibilities are endless. You can add tool boxes, stakes, ladder racks, and everything that you need to be more effective on any job site such as:

  1.  Construction

    There are deadlines to meet and productivity is the name of the game. That makes gooseneck truck equipment the best in the business. Bodies such as the Knapheide Westerner are built to give you all the features of a gooseneck with added storage capacity to save you time retrieving the small equipment you will need.

  2. Mining / Oil Fields

    The toughest jobs require the toughest equipment! In oil fields, if you are setting up a swab rig or just hauling equipment through the field the Ruby Wildcat Rancher is platform body you have been looking for. The recessed gooseneck compartment, tool boxes, and drop side features offer convenience to get the job done as quickly as possible.

  3. Agriculture

    From machinery to livestock, agricultural applications need heavy-duty equipment to move tons. With the Knapheide PGNA Gooseneck body for example, you can haul your hay bales and pulling the bailing equipment on a trailer with the receiving hitch. When you are taking a look at how to use your next truck, keep the materials in mind as well. Rancher bodies can be fitted with wood flooring for pliability and ease of repair.

No matter what the job is that you need completed, we have the right equipment to outfit your truck to stand up to the test. Learn about our service and installation options and contact Future Line Truck Equipment today.

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