5 Questions to Ask Before Buying Your First Landscaper Body

Landscaper_small.jpgWhen you need to transfer loose landscaping material like mulch, sand, or dirt, you need a landscaper body. And not just any landscaper body will do, you need one that truly meets the demands of your particular jobsite. So before buying your first landscaper body, ask these 5 questions.

5 Questions to Ask Before Buying Your First Landscaper Body

1. What Material is it Built From?

Landscaper truck bodies are typically built from steel or aluminum. Make sure you understand the benefits of each and which material is best for you:

  • Steel: Steel truck bodies are typically more affordable than aluminum truck bodies, requiring a lower upfront cost. If money is an issue for your first landscaper body, steel may be the way to go.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum truck bodies will cost more out of pocket, but they are corrosion resistant, offering a longer life. Additionally, aluminum truck bodies have a weight advantage, offering increased payload capacity and decreased fuel costs.

2. What is the Capacity?

How much are you planning to haul in your landscaper body? This is a major indicator of which size truck body is right for you. If you purchase a truck body with a lower capacity than needed, you will just have to turn around and buy another, costing more in the long-run. However, buying too large of a truck body may be a waste of your funds if you know you will not need it in the near future.

Before going to purchase your landscaper body, determine what your maximum load will be, whether it is 8.8 cubic yards, 10.2 cubic yards, or more! Having this fact in your back pocket when you begin shopping is vital to finding the right landscaper body.

3. Is it a Uni-Body?

A fully welded uni-body design for your landscaper body ensures a lighter body with greater fuel economy and increased payload. The uni-body design refers to the approach in which the vehicle’s frame and body are integrated into a single strong structure. This design is becoming increasingly more popular.

4. What Type of Door Access does it Have?

Considering what type of door access your landscaper body has and whether or not it will work for your jobsite is very important. Common types of access doors include rear barn doors with a double acting tailgate, curbside front access door and a roadside access door. Several options can be modified to fit your needs to add to your bottom line.

5. Does it come with a Hoist?

Will your landscaper body require the ability to hoist and dump loads? If so, make sure that your truck body comes with a hoist or the option to add one. Along with this you will also want to know what capacity your hoist will require. From 6 tons to 16 tons, hoists can range quite a bit and getting the right size for your particular application will get you the most “bang for your buck”.

Now that you are armed with these 5 helpful questions, take them with you as you begin searching for your first landscaper body. Discover the answers to these questions beforehand, and be sure to ask about them before you buy. If you have any questions about Future Line’s landscaper bodies, give us a call.

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