4 Benefits of Investing in Aluminum Dump Bodies

When your business relies on a dump truck body that maintains durability, versatility, and efficiency all while getting the job done right, you don’t take the purchasing process lightly. Picking out dump bodies that will protect your cargo and safely deliver it from point A to point B is an absolute necessity. DUMP.jpgWhether you are a landscaper, contractor, or municipality, getting the best bang for your buck is your number one priority. The answer: aluminum dump truck bodies. No matter if you are hauling sand or asphalt, aluminum dump bodies offer both strength and style. If you need more reason to invest in aluminum dump bodies, learn more about the 4 major benefits they offer below.

4 Benefits of Investing in Aluminum Dump Bodies

1. Fuel Efficiency

Aluminum dump bodies are known for their fuel-efficiency, a feature we like to see in any vehicle, but especially important in a work truck. Aluminum is more light weight than other options. More specifically, aluminum is 45% lighter than steel, another common material used in dump bodies. This weight difference actually produces a whopping 12% in fuel savings! Additionally, most aluminum dump bodies are built to be more aerodynamic, adding to their overall fuel efficiency. So, if you like to save money on fuel, aluminum is the way to go.

2. Durability

Despite being lighter than other materials, the aluminum is just as (if not more) durable. Aluminum dump bodies are designed to last and built to carry the heavy haul your business demands. With such durability, aluminum dump bodies have an increased payload capacity, ensuring efficiency and reliability at the worksite.

3. Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion to a dump truck body can decrease the overall value of your equipment and compromise your cargo in future hauls. Fortunately, unlike steel, aluminum is corrosion resistant. Offering protection from the corrosive materials you may carry in future loads, aluminum dump truck bodies promise longer life and dependability. Don’t worry about your cargo affecting your dump body; keep peace of mind by going aluminum.

4. Low Maintenance

In addition to corrosion resistance, aluminum dump truck bodies do not require paint, making them a low maintenance and low cost option. No paint upkeep means that your aluminum dump body will look better, longer. At Future Line, we also offer an attractive mirror finish option for those desiring a unique, polished look. With aluminum dump bodies, you can have strength and style without breaking the bank.

If it is time for you to invest in a new dump truck body, take aluminum for a spin. Future Line offers brand name and original aluminum dump truck bodies that promise versatility, durability, and unmatched value. Contact Future Line for your next dump body or to learn more about our many available options.

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