3 Reasons Why You Need a Platform Body

Platform-Body-Small.jpgSo you’re in need of a new truck body. This can be a quick and worthwhile investment, so do you know what you want? What about what you need? If you don’t know where to start, Future Line Truck Equipment can help. One of our more popular types of truck body is the Platform Body. Whether you are hauling hay bales or expensive equipment, we can customize your platform body to get the job done right. Find out why you need a platform body for your truck.

Why You Need a Platform Body

1. Contracting: Hauling Bricks, Lumber or other Material to the Jobsite

If you are a contractor who needs to haul heavy material including brick, steel, and lumber, the platform body is perfect for you. Our platform bodies are lightweight yet durable and corrosion-resistant. This means you can carry heavy loads while maintaining fuel efficiency. Heavy duty platforms ensure your medium to heavy duty commercial demands are met. In addition, underbody tool boxes may be installed to house all of the tools you will need on the job. And optional contractor sides make it easy for you to access your cargo and get the job done faster.

2. Agricultural: Hauling Hay Bales

For an agricultural application, such as hauling hay bales and material on the farm, a standard duty platform is just what you need. If you plan to haul heavier farm equipment, you can always opt for the heavy duty platform instead. Drop in sides offer easy access and stake racks can accommodate tall loads while still maintaining easy accessibility.

3. Other: Hauling Heavy Equipment from One Location to Another

For other applications that require hauling heavy and expensive equipment, the platform body is your trusted truck body. A heavy duty platform can safely transport your large equipment from one location to another. Solid sides with two piece cargo doors offer security. Additionally, durable bulkhead will serve as a barrier between you and your heavy cargo in case of any shifting. Ensure safety, security and versatility when you purchase a platform body for your professional application.

Are you ready to purchase a platform body for your truck? Contact Future Line Truck Equipment today to learn about our many available options and expertise in customization.

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